Thursday, September 16, 2004

when is a creperie a crap-erie?

yes, clever title, i know. ok, if you're offended by bodily functions, i suggest you skip this post. mr. dexygus and i had a quick lunch at la creperie du monde in san bruno. we hadn't been to this restaurant since it first opened, but as it got a pretty good review, and since i was craving cheese, we decided to give it another try. it seemed promising. the decor was much cuter than the sparse design i recall. there were many tempting items on the menu. i decided to go with the jardiniere. leeks, cheese, and creme fraiche in either an organic unbleached white flour crepe, or an organic buckwheat crepe. naturally, i chose the buckwheat.

i should've been wary when the crepe was served to me just warm. i actually mentioned it a couple times to mr. dexygus. i guess i thought i'd take my chances. i'm not sure what was going on in my mind. what a fool, but more on that later. the buckwheat crepe was actually very tasty. nutty and substantial. the filling was a bit lacking. i really didn't taste any tang of the creme fraiche, and like i said before, it was just warm. it was all edible though.

for dessert, i went with the honey and almond crepe which i enjoyed. the nuts were nicely toasted and crunchy. it was the perfect textural contrast to the soft honeyed crepe.

fast forward about 5 hours later. little twinges in my stomach. i knew there would be problems. went to the bathroom, and everything was fine. no pain or anything. then 30 minutes after that, oh man. cramping, sweating, doubling over. that was a bad session. curse you, la creperie du monde! mr. dexygus had been afflicted, as well, but not as badly as i. i wasn't sure if i'd gotten everything out of my system. what should i do? our dinner reservation at acquerello was in an hour. should i stay or should i go? well, i took my chances, and went to dinner (more on that in another post). i'm glad to report that i came out of that dinner unscathed. no emergencies to speak of. phew. but i'll be damned if i ever go back to that crap-erie.


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