Friday, September 03, 2004

ew ew ew

creepy crawly colony

you may be wondering what the above picture is depicting. i was about to make biscuits for my dog kurn yesterday when i opened up my container of whole wheat flour, and found this. grain mites. luckily, the infestation was limited to that container, and an adjacent bag of semolina flour, but man, it grossed me out. it makes me wonder what the source of the mites was. i'd used both flours before with no indication of mites. the whole wheat flour was quite old, maybe 2 years, and if it was the source, i would expect the infestation to be more severe. i know, i know, you're not supposed to keep whole wheat flour around that long, but do you expect me to toss it in the trash? well, the colony of mites made me trash it in a hurry. so it must have been bob's red mill semolina flour. unless those beasties are hiding out elsewhere in my pantry. *shiver* perish the thought.


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