Monday, September 20, 2004

eastward ho!

i'll be visiting new york city october 5th to october 10th. so far we have reservations at babbo, cafe boulud (lunch), and joseph's citarella (because my friend m is dying to try bill yosses' warm vanilla cake. come to think of it, so am i). we're also planning to hit blue ribbon bakery, angon on the sixth, artisanal, pearl oyster bar, katz's deli, russ & daughters, kossar's, chikalicious, payard, city bakery, rice to riches, sugar sweet sunshine, magnolia bakery, jacques torres, and probably others i've forgotten. so many places to try, and only 14 meal slots. plus, breakfast is kind of a throwaway meal unless i find some really good pastries. i'm getting anxious thinking about how to whittle down my list. but really, where we are will dictate where we'll eat.

anyway, to any new yorkers reading this, or any others familiar with the city, am i missing any "must-tries"? i'm not interested in really high-end places on this trip. i travel with one large carry-on, and cannot fit in any fancy clothes. is there anything on my list that is a waste of time? i've heard that rice to riches is not all that good, and pretty touristy, but mr. dexygus is a rice pudding fiend, and is adamant about going, so no need to dissuade me of that choice. any other thoughts are much appreciated.


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