Wednesday, August 11, 2004

shiny shiny bar of the gods

honey almond nougat bar

we were shopping at rainbow co-op today, and since we hadn't been there in awhile, we took a bit of time to browse every shelf in every aisle (well, except for the vitamin and supplement aisles, of which there are many). i came across this honey almond nougat bar from michael recchiuti confections. i told myself that i didn't need it, and actually was able to pry myself away from its call. my resolve, however, didn't last. no sooner had i turned the corner towards the registers did i make u-turn and march back to my temptation. there was no hesitation, no contemplation. it was as if something else controlled my body.

i waited until i returned home before unwrapping my bounty. i carefully peeled back the shiny gold wrapper, being reminded of charlie bucket and his golden ticket. 70% bittersweet chocolate encasing an almond studded honey nougat. it was bliss. i ate four rows to mr. dexygus's one. the last row is to be saved for him. not if i get to it first...


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