Monday, August 16, 2004

indian restaurant round-up

since i've been so into cooking indian food, i thought it was finally time to eat at some indian restaurants. it's been several years since i've done so, and i really wanted to try some well-regarded hole-in-the-wall type places. in the last three weeks, mr. dexygus and i have been to naan n' curry in the sunset district, breads of india in berkeley, and shalimar in the tenderloin, or "tandoorloin," as some people call it. actually, i've never heard any real people referring to it as the tandoorloin. i've only seen it in articles and such. i thought it was pretty cute when i first heard it, but not too much anymore.

naan n' curry
642 irving st.
san francisco, ca 94122
(several other locations, as well)

i'd heard that naan n' curry was overwhelmingly chaotic, and i was worried that i'd get flustered trying to order. i needn't have worried. it was 2pm in the middle of the week, and it was nice and slow. we ordered plain naan, garlic naan, saag paneer, and prawn masala. mr. dexygus also had an order of lamb vindaloo which he loved. the naan was amazing. huge slabs of soft, chewy, buttery bread. i preferred the plain one. the prawn masala was really good, but it tasted a lot like the vindaloo. plus, at $9.99, it was one of the most expensive things on the menu, and there were only 5 prawns. i know i'm sounding like my mother, but that was $2 per prawn! as for the saag paneer, it was a little too salty. i'd love to go back and try one of their fish curry specials which i only found out about after we'd finished eating. there were also a number of other dishes on the menu that sounded really yummy.

breads of india
2448 sacramento st.
berkeley, ca 94702

i didn't care too much for this place. the food was more expensive than i expected, but it did come with salad, rice and a small cup of daal. i ordered the salmon tandoori, which was pretty ordinary, and even a little dry. the naan wasn't too great either. i did like the lassi, though. i admit, i'm not a fan of slab-of-meat cuisine, but i don't recall there being any curries on the menu. i could be wrong though.

532 jones st.
san francisco, ca 94102

the naan here isn't as good as those at naan n' curry, but i think the food is better. we ordered an okra dish that i loved, but mr. dexygus barely touched. he said that the sweetness didn't do it for him. i thought its only fault was that it was pretty greasy. my paneer masala was also really good. mr. dexygus also had a tandoori chicken that he said had really good flavor, but was a little dry. we would've ordered more food (there were so many tempting items), but we didn't have much cash. still, we ate well for $15. i'd definitely go back. so far, this is my favorite indian restaurant.


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