Tuesday, July 27, 2004

ice cream sandwiches

we went to my brother's new house for dinner on saturday, and i, being the baker of the family, brought dessert. a few days earlier, i'd read an article in the food section of my newspaper about ice cream. the pictures alone of the ice cream and ice cream sandwiches inspired me to make my own. i remembered a recipe from marcel desaulniers' death by chocolate that i'd tried in culinary school. i think i was too stressed out at the time to remember what it tasted like, but the flavor combination really appealed to me.

frosty caramel "tin-roof" ice cream sandwiches consist of caramel-peanut ice cream, topped with fudge sauce, and sandwiched between two thin, soft, chocolate cookies. i stuck with the concept, but aside from the cookie, i used recipes from other sources. the cookie is pretty good. lots of flavor. a bit of sour cream gives it some depth. it's definitely a stand-alone cookie, evidence being that the extas quickly disappeared.

next i made nancy silverton's amazing caramel ice cream because it's, well, amazing. so smooth and creamy. it helped that i brought my ice cream base to work, and used the ice cream freezer there. my cheap little krups ice cream freezer is ok, but it cannot compete with a commercial batch freezer. it doesn't agitate the base enough to be rid of the ice crystals that form, thus producing an ice cream that isn't super smooth.

in lieu of the fudge, i used some leftover chocolate glaze i had sitting in the fridge. oh, and the last component, the peanuts that should've been mixed into the ice cream, i just chopped and sprinkled over the glaze. let me tell you, this combination of flavors and textures is unbelievable. but i'm very partial to chocolate, caramel and peanuts. the crunchy nuts, the smooth ice cream, the glaze that turns chewy from the cold. yum.

but alas, i have no picture for you. and do you want to know why? it's because stupid me should've frozen the ice cream the day before so it could get sufficiently hard so as not to collapse into a melted heap upon being scooped onto the cookie. i totally underestimated chilling time. i think i spun the ice cream at about 1pm. it sat in the freezer at work til 3pm. the transfer time from work freezer to home freezer was 7 minutes (i live very close to work). there it sat until 6pm. the drive to my brother's house took 20 minutes (this definitely didn't help). i assembled the sandwiches at my brother's house before dinner, stuck them on a plate and shoved them into the freezer in hopes that they would set quickly. but it was a drippy mess. the ice cream was still soft-serve consistency. needless to say, the sandwiches were eaten with spoons on a plate, and i had to clean my brother's freezer. so this is a lesson learned, kiddies. always freeze your ice cream at least the day before you need it. i sure hope i remember this for next time.


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