Sunday, July 11, 2004

himawari ramen

last week i had dinner at tombo, a handmade udon place i like to frequent. very good, as usual. but on the way there, i noticed a new ramen joint just a few doors down. always up for ramen, i returned with mr. dexygus and my cousin lauren just a few days later for lunch. himawari is surprisingly cute for a japanese place. it definitely looks like it was designed by a young woman. green and grey walls, sunflowers, green and/or white tablecloths, napkins and placemats. in fact, there were only women working while we were there: the chef and the server/hostess.

i guess we were all just craving ramen because we inexplicably just ordered ramen without even considering appetizers. i went with the shio butter corn ramen. i had never heard of shio before, but according to the menu, it is a broth made with japanese sea salt. by the way, the online menu doesn't seem to be complete. it's missing, among other things, a crab omelet ramen that was incredibly tempting, and that i will most likely order the next time i'm there. my shio butter corn ramen was delicious. the broth was the star, flavorful and complex, addictively so. the noodles were good, but could have been chewier. my lunchmates enjoyed the spicy tan-tan men, and the miso ramen. we're definitely going back. they have good-sized portions, and service was friendly. i wish i had more to say about it, but as i ate only one thing, and it was a quick lunch, there isn't much ammo. i don't really want to go on and on about the broth. oh, i should mention that my broth had floating bits of pork fat in it (bad bad pseudo-vegetarian me), and it was good. have i mentioned that i'm destined to once again eat meat before i die? it'll happen someday. just a matter of time and lack of willpower.

anyway, i'm not really a ramen aficionado, but i do like it. my current favorite is ryowa. their noodles are wonderful, though the broth isn't as good as himawari's. i've been to the much-lauded santa just once, and it wasn't very memorable. i'll give it another chance though, but i'll probably go to himawari's first.


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