Wednesday, June 09, 2004

take these damn things away from me!

my latest obsession...and baby's too Posted by Hello

what better way to start my food blog than with a food obsession. anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that my life is riddled with obsessions, and not only with food. so here is my latest. trader joe's pita chips with cinnamon and sugar. my brother actually introduced me to them a couple years ago, but i somehow inconceivably forgot about them. fortunately, i re-discovered them. i can't believe that there are supposed to be 7 servings in this little bag. i know it doesn't look like a little bag, but believe me, it's mostly air in there. i swear, just sitting here typing i've eaten more than half the bag. they're a little on the dry side, but your saliva suffiently moistens them. but the brilliant thing (on the manufacturer's part) is in the level of sweetness. some of the chips are not sweet enough with not enough cinnamon, and a few have the perfect amount of sweetness and cinnamon. so you eat a chip, and you think, "hmm, not quite enough sweetness and cinnamon. maybe the next one..." and you keep going until you hit the perfect chip, and it's so good that you eat another one, but that one's not perfect, so you keep eating on and on until the whole bag is gone. well, that's how it is for me, anyways. ok, no more. i'm bringing them downstairs.


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