Tuesday, June 15, 2004

strawberry fields for dexygus

wild strawberries Posted by Hello

yes, that is my hand. yes, those are strawberries. very small wild strawberries that i found while walking kurn dog. well, hubby found them first, a couple of weeks ago, but i've eaten more. i finally remembered to bring the camera with me today, so i could document these tasty treats. they are the most intensely-flavored strawberries i've ever tasted. the air was heavy with their fragrance. i've never sampled the fraises des bois in france during peak season, but i imagine the flavor is similar. they look quite a bit different though. my berries are somewhat pale and round. the shape of fraises des bois are more conical and reminds me of morel mushrooms.

note: we found the berries at mori point in pacifica. mori point is part of the ggnra, which is a huge network of national parks in california.


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