Tuesday, June 22, 2004

my staples, part 3

i rarely ever go to burlingame avenue anymore simply because it's infested with annoying rich people and their cell phone-carrying, abercrombie-shopping pre-teens. i hear that late at night on weekends, it's the place to cruise and check people out if you're from hillsborough and in high school.

when i do venture into this foreign locale, it's usually for this sandwich:

grilled shrimp sandwich Posted by Hello

the grilled shrimp sandwich from alana's, a cute little cafe that surprisingly has a really cozy feel to it. the sandwich consists of lightly toasted sourdough with cheddar cheese melted on tender sweet bay shrimp that's been mixed with a dill dressing. i usually douse it pretty well with jalapeno tabasco sauce to give it a little kick. man, i'm starting to drool.

i normally wash it down with alana's house-brewed spiced orange iced tea. it's lightly sweetened with a strong perfume of cinnamon. very refreshing. they have jars of the tea brewing in the front window sill. mmm, i think i know what i'm having for lunch today.


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