Monday, June 14, 2004

my staples, part 1

tanuki soba from kamameshi house Posted by Hello

there are a few restaurants near our house that we frequent quite a bit. the food isn't fabulous, but it's pretty decent, and most importantly, it's nearby. one place is kamameshi house that is just 3 minutes away by car. i don't think the restaurant is authentic japanese. i don't even think a single japanese person works there, but it's where i go whenever i'm craving sashimi, or unagi nigiri, or tanuki soba (pictured).

tanuki soba is a bowl of buckwheat soba in a steaming hot flavorful broth (which probably has msg, i'm not sure) that's slightly sweet and really nice. it's garnished with a shiitake mushroom, green onions, 2 slices of fishcake, and some crispy fried bits. the menu says there are leeks in it, but it's actually pea shoots. oh, and there's also a poached egg in there, though you can't see it in the picture. i used to eat this at least once a week, but i'm a little over it. now, it's more like once a month. it really does hit the spot though.


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