Sunday, June 20, 2004

my first curry

nadan fish curry Posted by Hello

lately i've been obsessed with the message boards on see food links on the right. especially the foodblogs that regular egullet members contribute to. an egulleter spends a week documenting with words and pictures the food they've eaten that week, like what i do here. after his/her week is up, s/he "tags" the next random member. i'm not quite sure how they decide who to tag, and if the one who's tagged can decline or not. anyway, today ends one of the funniest, most irreverent and informative blogs i've read. it belongs to mongo jones.

his focus is on indian food. since i know virtually nothing about indian food, this blog has been very enlightening. with his decriptions and pictures, you can almost smell the spicy aromas. one recipe was especially drool-worthy. i made nadan fish curry the other night, and it was spectacular. hopefully you have an indian market near you, or else some ingredients will be hard to come by. i highly recommend this dish, and i'll definitely be trying other ones mongo has posted.


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